The problem

Our 12hh Show Hunter Pony managed to get caught up in a nylon leg strap from his rug during the summer.

During the night it had got lodged just above his hock. The straps were very strong and tight and the front fastenings too. This resulted in him being trussed up for some time.

Although the burn type wound was superficial he had been struggling for some time and therefore had pulled muscles and was extremely sore.


The treatment

I contacted Juliet who came and treated him with massage, stretching and laser therapy. She also advised exercises we could do between treatments.

I was very impressed with Juliet's quiet but firm manner whilst dealing with a pony who was obviously wary of any contact in that area.

He felt at ease with her and learned to relax and thoroughly enjoy his treatments which he had several times.


The results

We have continued to use Juliet on this pony for maintenance and indeed on others in our yard.

We have seen similar results for all our horses. They like her.

Juliet is practical, kind and caring and I would not hesitate to recommend her services

Yorkie Joblin-Purser