What to expect

At the consultation, initially a full history is taken from the owner while the dog is given time to familiarise themselves with the surrounding area, helping them become less anxious. This is followed by the physical examination when the dog is observed in different static postures and also moving at varying paces. Palpation is undertaken carefully to minimise upset to the dog. Soft tissues are felt for pain, swelling, heat and muscle tone, and joints checked for range of motion. Additional tests may be undertaken depending on the presenting symptoms.

Findings from the examination will be explained and a treatment plan devised. This may include a number of physiotherapy techniques and modalities - such as soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, stretching, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, laser, therapeutic ultrasound, assisted exercises and underwater treadmill exercise. The physiotherapist will then make recommendations on after care and follow up and provide the owner with a specific home exercise programme.

Juliet is now operating a small animal clinic at Scott Mitchell vets in Hexham which is available to everyone, not just Scott Mitchell clients. For appointments call 07796 326 845

The owner's role

The owner plays an integral part of the rehabilitation. During the consultation advice will be given regarding 'hands-on' treatment you can give, exercises to do with your dog, and how often and far to walk your dog. We will ensure you feel confident and happy with any techniques recommended.

Other important considerations such as managing cage rest, handling your dog in and out of the car, appropriate flooring and integrating with other dogs will be discussed and advice given as required. Incorporating the advice given into the daily routine can make a big difference to the overall outcome of treatment, and is very rewarding for the owner/dog relationship.


All appointments cancelled, giving less than 48 hours notice may incur a charge.

It is the role of your Insurance Company to reimburse you for fees that you have already paid and not to reimburse us direct.

Regardless of any insurance cover, you as owner remain responsible for prompt and full settlement of our fees at the time of treatment.