What to expect

At the consultation, you will initially be asked you a variety of questions regarding your symptoms. This information is very important as it starts to give an idea of what your problem is caused by and how it can be helped. For example we need to know when and how it started and how it affects you. What makes the problem better or worse? You will also be asked about your work, lifestyle and general health.

Juliet will then examine you. This may include areas that are not painful but may be contributing to the problem, for instance, your arm or leg pain may be referred from the spine. She will explain what she is doing and ask you how it feels as she performs different tests. The examination will take into consideration your level of pain, and the techniques and tests used will be adjusted accordingly.

Juliet is now operating from the Gelson Clinic, 4 Tynedale Mews, Corbridge, NE45 5NH. Appointments can be booked by phoning 01434 632427.

Understanding Your Treatment

After your assessment Juliet will discuss with you what the problem is and what may have caused it.

She will then explain the treatment programme she thinks is best for you, what will help, how many sessions you will need, and what you can do yourself to assist your recovery. This may take the form of exercises or you may be given advice about your working positions or your training regime.

If the problem is not appropriate for physiotherapy or if further investigations are necessary, you will be advised accordingly and refered on as appropriate.


All appointments cancelled, giving less than 48 hours notice may incur a charge.

If you are claiming on an insurance policy, it is the role of your insurance company to reimburse you for fees that you have already paid and not to reimburse us direct.

Regardless of any insurance cover, you remain responsible for prompt and full settlement of our fees at the time of treatment.