Movement is central to health and wellbeing

Successfull assessment and diagnosis is the key to the correction of movement disorders in humans.

Sanders Physiotherapy will identify the causes of movement dysfunction and maximise a patient’s potential through the treatment of pain, rehabilitation after injury and education to prevent future problems.

Sanders Physiotherapy provides a friendly, caring and professional service, taking time to properly diagnose the cause of pain and implementing a treatment and rehabilitation programme focused on individual patient requirements.

These are some common conditions occurring in humans:

Low Back Pain

Assessment can determine the cause of pain and assist development of an effective treatment and management plan.

Upper Limb Injuries

Common presentations include frozen shoulder, rotator cuff strain, tennis/golfers elbow and tenosynovitis.

Lower Limb Injuries

Many and varied - groin strains, trochanteric bursitis, anterior knee pain, cruciate ligament sprain, Achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprain and plantar fasciitis.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Often a result of whiplash injury, but can also be related to cervical spondylosis, disc degeneration, poor posture or tension stress.

Sports injuries

Commonly occur resulting in trauma to ligaments, tendons and muscles. Physiotherapy can optimize healing to ensure a speedy return to sport and prevention of further injury.

Post Surgery

Physiotherapy is an integral part of recovery from orthopaedic and neurosurgical operations, such as joint replacements, fracture repairs and spinal decompressions.


Two major types - inflammatory and osteoarthritis. Although joint degeneration cannot be reversed, physiotherapy can manage the symptoms and improve life quality.

Work Related Disorders

Poor posture, repetitive tasks and strenuous workload are common factors. Identifying the cause and modifying the work place can prevent ongoing problems.